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French Bulldog of Colorado

A Little About The French Bulldog of Colorado-3rd Generation Breeder

Hi! I’m Dr. Amanda Williams. Pharmacist by trade. Frenchie lover by heart.  I was born into the breeding world and have never not had multiple four-legged friends in my life. Wait! I take it back. My freshmen year of college I lived without a dog. That is it. I remember as a little girl as young as 5 helping my grandma give puppy shots, feeding, assisting in whelping & c-sections, and yes scooping poo. Growing up in the breeding world taught me a hard work ethic. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized being surrounded by puppies saved me and grew me into the person I am today. Puppies were my first therapy and the only type would have provided for me back then and I am truly thankful. I say love is a superpower and I believe I learned most of how to love from my four-legged friends. 

My favorite breeds always were ones that look and sound like little piglets. When I was growing up that meant  I loved Sharing-peis and English Bulldogs. When introduced to Frenchies in 2002, I instantly fell in love and added my first three girls. That’s them in the pic…Zoey, Darcy, and Paris. 

I raised Frenchies pups which helped pay for my cell & molecular biology undergrad. When entering pharmacy school, I took a break. It was even my goal to “escape” the breeding world.  I soon found that my heart was not in it. My heart belongs to the Frenchies and providing the same type of therapy I received as a kiddo to others…the love of our four-legged Frenchie friends. Frenchie love.

Some pups I raise myself and others I co-own with another breeder.  All pups get the highest amount of care and attention. 

French Bulldog of Colorado

Frenchie Vision

Our focus on creating the best Frenchie pups is through love and science.

Love: Raised in our home. Each Frenchie of our is pampered and well-loved. 

Science: We use genetics, epigenetics, raw food, and supplements to optimize our Frenchies health & wellness. 

Frenchie Lover since 2002

Love is my superpower. ~All Frenchies

Our Mission

To bring love into the world with our pups and share this love with our Frenchie families. 

Amanda is great to work with!
Amanda is great to work with when getting a new French Bulldog. She is extremely knowledgable, is always happy to answer questions about anything, and has a true love for the dogs. She sets you up for success from the start with great suggestions on how to care for your pup properly and is still there to help after the pup is yours. I cannot thank The French Bulldog more for allowing me to have my little Yara. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Highly recommend The French Bulldog of Colorado as a breeder. They are absolutely wonderful.
Sarah from Colorado
Momma of Yara
Thank You for my girl!
It's been a year and a half ago that I brought Heaven now She-Ra home. Thank you so much for the beautiful dog. I would just love to thank you again.
Justin from Ohio
Dad of Heaven
Smart as a whip!
Eleanor is almost 7 months. Smart as a whip. Weights 21.5 pounds. She loves her cat brother who is still bigger than her. She's fully potty trained and sleeping in the bed. She hasn't met a dog or person who isn't her friend. She loves fruits and veggies and is really quick to learn tricks and commands. Thanks so much for what you do. Eleanor is everything to me
Kristine from California
Momma of Eleanor
My pup is amazing!
My pup is amazing! She loves camping, can't get enough of it. We just recently started taking her on ATV outings.
Janelle of Colorado
Momma of Jazzie
Good looking Frenchie!
Everyone compliments on what a good looking Frenchie he is!
Elliott of Colorado
Dad of Gaston
Untitled design-93
She is the best dog!
Hi Amanda! We decided to name her Olive. She had a glorious first 24 hours!! She is absolutely a match made in heaven for us. She slept through the night on a pillow with us last night, we went for a leash walk today and she did great! She and stitch are instant besties...they have been playing together, sleeping together and getting along great! She is the BEST dog❤️ Thank you for bringing her into our family! Even out little Himalayan kitty likes her!
Judy of Colorado
Momma of Maisey

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French Bulldog of Colorado


Frenchie Dad

French Bulldog of Colorado


Frenchie Momma

French Bulldog of Colorado


Frenchie Brother-1

French Bulldog of Colorado


Frenchie Brother-2

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