Brady | Lilac Fawn Male French Bulldog | The Sweetie Pie | Adopted

Brady | Lilac Fawn Male French Bulldog | Born 10/1/22

Brady | Lilac Fawn Male French Bulldog

Introducing Brady

Hi I’m Brady a lilac fawn male French Bulldog. I am super snuggly and I am learning to play more with my siblings. My momma is Maddie and daddy is Nacho and I was born October 1, 2022. I can join my furever family at the beginning of December or I can be held closer to Christmas. Right now we spend our days eating, sleeping, and playing. Momma is a really good momma and takes great care of us. Our human momma sleeps on the floor next to us right now. Tytan and Trenton (our human brothers) join her too. We are a part of an amazing family that watches over us closely.

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My Family!

Quick Details About Me!

Frenchiegram famous!
Brady taking a bath to get ready for his big day…meeting his new mom and dad. 
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Brady here prefers a steak dinner. What about you? 
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Brady here! Just thought you needed to see my smile today. 😀 
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Let me tell you a secret...I woof you! ~Brady 💕🐾💕
Brady really is the sweetest boy. 
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Almost twinsies. Love these two little guys. They are quite entertaining but also love to snuggle in for long naps on the couch. 
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Last morning of family snuggles. I can’t believe it’s time for these babies to start joining their new families. Bali leaves this evening. Brady and Brantley are looking for their furever families. 
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So sleepy today. Look who was the lucky beneficiary. Little Brady is the best snuggler.
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Poor Romeo. He doesn’t like Frenchie kids younger than him. 
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Two sets of cutie pies. 
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I Come With

Brady | Lilac Fawn Male French Bulldog | Born 10/1/22
Lilac Merle and Lilac Fawn French Bulldog Litter: Born 10/1/22

How did my pawrents make a lilac fawn male Frenchie?

My daddy Nacho (26lbs) is a platinum lilac carrying testable chocolate. This means we have a 50% chance to carry testable chocolate as well. He is also 4 panel clear for his genetic health testing which is good for our genes. Maddie our momma is a lilac fawn merle (20lbs). Together they made me a lilac fawn male Frenchie. 

Lilac Fawn male French Bulldog Coloring

Lilac fawn French Bulldogs must have two copies of the blue gene, two copies of the chocolate gene, and one or two copies of the fawn gene in order to be this beautiful yellowish Champagne color. They have light eyes and I particularly how much their eyes just pop against this fur color. They are strikingly beautiful!

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Our Legacy

The Prep for Your French Bulldog Academy

What exactly is the Prep for Your Frenchie Academy?  At this time it is self-paced pre-recorded videos you will watch in order. It should be noted, when you complete Your Frenchie Prep certification you’ll receive a prize (to be determined by Amanda as she thinks about what it should be:)) This Academy can be purchased by those who adopt pups elsewhere but you get it for FREE! And yes, it’s required to complete before the pick-up of your pup as we want for you to be properly prepared for your pup. What it includes: 

Want to learn more about Frenchie Health and Wellness? Check out our sister company Frenchies Naturally.


Pupdate: We are 1 week old!

Hi world! We are growing strong and quite pudgy as our main focus in life is eating as much as we possibly can. Momma Maddie is eating well to supply us with all the milk we could possible ask for. Notice our eyes are starting to open up and we suspect by next week our eyes will be wide open. 🙂

Pupdate: We are Newborns-Born Oct 1, 2022

Hi world! We were just born October 1, 2022! Our main focus is to eat as much as we can so we can grow big and strong and eventually join our furever families. We spend our entire time eating and napping. Our momma Maddie is doing a great job taking care of us and so is our human momma. Right now our human momma sleeps on the floor next to us and she’s there for every little squeak we make. We keep her on her toes. Hehe! In addition to our momma, our human brothers Tytan and Trenton have joined momma in sleeping on the floor next to us as well so we are well protected. When momma needs a break they are there to jump in and make sure we’re ok.

We are weighed twice daily to make sure we are growing and so far we are right on track. It should be noted, puppies are born with their eyes closed. You will notice they will start opening somewhere between 2- 3 weeks old.