FAQ French Bulldog Puppy

Here is the FAQ French Bulldog Puppy page as we have received lots of questions over the years and would like to provide you easy access to the answers. Please, as you have more questions please reach out and I’m (Amanda) happy to reach out and answer them.

How do I know I will receive my French Bulldog puppy as there are a lot of scammers out there.

We tell you all beware as there are many French Bulldog scammers out there when purchasing a puppy. They attempt to scam us as breeders as well.
Take a look at our website and spend some time on here. You will see we post quite a few pics and videos of our pups, write informative blog posts, and maintain our instagram & Facebook accounts.
We only require a $300 deposit which is paid via Stripe which is a secure online portal. We do not ask for cash, money orders, or any payment that is not reversible such as Venmo or Cash App. The remainder of your payment is to be paid when picking up your pup.
We are also happy to schedule a time for you to meet your pup live via zoom.

How do I place a deposit on a French Bulldog puppy?

Deposits can be made on the pups personal page on the website. We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your pup. Often I will send text you the link directly via text as well.
If the puppy is still part of a litter page, we take deposits in the order they were received for you to pick your pup via FaceTime or zoom when they turn 3-4 weeks old. First pick deposit buttons are on the litter page usually, but sometimes I may need to create a link for you and text it over to you.
If you’re waiting for a particular color(s) we accept deposits. I will write it specifically to what you want and your timeframe. I have my own pups and place some for other breeders as well. We will likely have what you are looking for but always confirm with me first.
After you make the deposit, always text me at 719-308-7444 so I can send you confirmation and next steps.

How can I meet the Frenchie puppy before placing a deposit?

I am happy to schedule a time for you to meet your pup live via FaceTime or Zoom. We do not offer in person meetings as people unfortunately steal pups and it puts them at increased risk of contracting a disease when they do not have their full series of shots. We understand if this is a deal breaker because it’s a deal breaker for us.

How about financing for your French Bulldog puppies?

We understand this is a big purchase and have a few financing options.
1. We have partnered with Terrace Pets to offer financing. You apply and they determine eligibility. Payments will not begin until after you pick up your pup.
2. You can check and see if you qualify for PayPal financing. They offer 6 months of interest free payments if approved.
3. I can set up payments via a link I create through Stripe for you. This option though the pup must be paid in full before pick-up.

When do I pay for the the Frenchie pup in full?

After the deposit is made, the remainder is due at pick-up.

How does it work if I place a deposit on a Frenchie in an upcoming litter?

We will place the litter page with the pups on the website within 48-72 hours of birth. Bookmark this page so you can check back to it regularly. New pics and videos will placed on this page until pups are 3-4 weeks old. This is when you will meet the pups via video call and make your pick. You will continue to watch your pup grow on his/herindividual page. Please realize sometimes I forget to text you the new link. Just send me a text and I’ll be happy to make sure you’re all set to watch your little one. Note, I do place pups for a few other breeders as well. I may not receive as many pics/videos for them as I do for my own where I can easily sit and snap pics randomly throughout the day. 🙂

Will updated pics/videos be provided of my Frenchie?

I make sure to post as many pics/videos as I possibly can for you to watch your pup grow. The ones I raise myself I can snap pics/videos of randomly throughout the day and post their pics once weekly. For those I place for other breeders, I post what they provide for me. I will communicate with you what the general procedure is for that breeder.

What comes with my Frenchie baby?

First shots/dewormings
AKC papers for my pups (some breeders do not want to give papers as they do not want to encourage breeding)
2 year health guarantee on genetics
The Prep for Your French Bulldog Course
The Frenchie Potty Training Bootcamp
20% off products at www.frenchiesnaturally.com

Where will I pick-up my French Bulldog?

Pick-up for your French Bulldog in Colorado Springs at no extra charge.

Do you offer Frenchie transportation services?

At this moment we do use flight nanny companies or pet ground transportation services. I am open to using a flight nanny at your expense if you choose to do so. I have a few that I can recommend.
If you’re in Colorado, we have limited availability for meeting you within 3 hours way from Colorado Springs at $350. Confirm before making your deposit.
I am willing to fly my puppies myself to major international airports where I can fly from Colorado Springs or Denver via American, Frontier, or Southwest. I personally fly the puppy. Please inquire on cost as we all know prices are unfortunately always changing at this moment. Likely most will be $800+ which must be paid prior to booking tickets and is non-refundable. The cost is $550-600, non-refundable, and must be paid prior to booking of tickets. It is non-refundable, as we have booked our flight and someone changed their mind at the last minute. Let’s just say we were less than thrilled at being stuck with this added cost and now require payment upfront.

Why do you place Frenchie puppies for other breeder?

There are many great breeders our there that do not have the skill set, time, or desire to place their pups themselves. If you think about it, not only do they have to be experts in all things breeding but then they have to be experts in marketing, website management, and check their emails, phones, chatbots, etc… all while caring for their pups. It’s a lot for most. I happen to have these skill sets and provide lots of support for the new puppy owners that they do not have the time to do so.