Black French Bulldogs

Black French Bulldogs

Black French Bulldogs are a classic elegant coloring. Let’s talk about the genetics on how you get the black coloring. Many are confused between black and brindle. They do have different genetics. Black means the pup is solid black. Brindle means they have streaks of brown throughout their black coat. We will look at some basic genetics on the K locus and A locus. If you need a refresher on genetics please read this article.

The K Locus where brindling is inherited or the solid black color is expressed.

Two sets of genes can be inherited at this location known as Ky and Kbr. The Kbr gene is known as the brindle gene and is dominant over Ky.  If they inherit one or two brindle genes Kbr then they will express brindling. But there is an exception….of course. We will see this exception on the a locus. Make sure to learn about brindles here. The Ky gene is known as the allowing gene. This means when two ky alleles are inherited it allows the A, D, and B locuses to determined the coat color of the Frenchie. Kbr interferes with these colors and you will see the brindling in them as well. You can think two ky alleles (ky,ky) produces solid pups and one or two brindle genes will add the bridling.

Black French Bulldogs

A Locus to help make black French Bulldogs

This is a crowded locus with several different alleles that can be inherited. To make it simple let’s just focus on the one that makes black which is represented by “a” the solid black gene. A Frenchie will only be solid black if he inherits two copies of the a gene (a,a). 

Black and Tan French Bulldogs

Black French Bulldogs

There’s another gene At on this locus that gives the pups tan points. It’s dominant over “a” so if your pups inherits (At,a) he will be black with tan points. If he inherits two copies of the tan points gene (At, At) he will be black and tan points as well. 

What about black pied French Bulldogs?

Pied means they have a white base and in this case black patches. The pied gene is expressed through the S locus and is a recessive gene. This means it needs to inherit two copies of the pied gene to be expressed. They use a capital S to show that the Frenchie is a carrier of the pied gene and n to show it is not. For example, if your pup is pied it must carry two copies of S (S, S). 

Black French Bulldogs

Black Merle French Bulldogs

Black French Bulldogs

Now you can have a black merle Frenchies as well. This might be one of my favorite colors but I seem to say this about all of them. They look like cookies and cream. Merle is a dominate gene so it only needs one copy the merle gene to be expressed. You don’t breed merles to other merles so you will not have two copies of merle. 

Black French Bulldogs are beautiful and you can see come in a variety of colors. They even come in combinations like black merle pied and black merle with tan points. 

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