Cream French Bulldogs are just an exquisite classic color. Who doesn’t love the creaminess with the deep dark eyes?

The cream coloring comes from the genes the Frenchie inherits on the E Locus called the reverse yellow locus. Lower case e signifies the cream trait. Upper case E signifies the Frenchie did not inherit the trait.

This gene is dominant over all of the other colors if there are two copies of the cream gene inherited. This means it doesn’t matter what the other colors the Frenchie has in his genes he will be cream. For example, if the dog carries two copies of blue or two copies of chocolate or both and they inherit two copies of the cream gene they will be cream.

This is Chance our cream French Bulldog AKC Champion Male

Now if they inherit just one copy of the cream gene (E,e) then they will be a lighter version of their color. So if they carry two copies of the blue gene and E,e then they will be a lighter version of blue.

Creams can have various amounts of white on them as well.

This is Mister Felix Cream Male

Look at this beautiful light cream little girl!

Female Cream French Bulldog

Cream Frenchies can also be pied as well. This is a recessive gene on the S locus. They must inherit two copies to express the pied coloring.

Some of our previous cream Frenchies!

One of our famous Frenchies Astro with David Price!

Astro and David Price French Bulldog

Look at this sweet baby girl!

Standard Frenchies

Rare Colored Frenchies