Everyone loves a fawn French Bulldog! They are such a classic beautiful color coming in so many shades. We will discuss how you get a fawn Frenchie geneticially.

The A loucs is quite crowded when it comes to the amount of colors your Frenchie can display. When you think of the A Locus think solid (a), fawn (Ay), Sable (Aw), and tri color (At). Fawn and sable are very similar and are dominant over solid and tri-color genes. Tri-color is dominant over solid. In order to be fawn or sable the Frenchie must just inherit one copy of the fawn or sable gene. Both genetics Ay/a and Ay/Ay will express the fawn coloring.

Fawn French Bulldog Female Winnie

Fawn Frenchies can also be pied. They will inherit two copies of the pied gene on the S locus.

This girl only has a small amount of fawn expressed.

Happy French Bulldog Families

Fawn merle Frenchies are beautiful as well. In order to be a fawn merle the Frenchie must have received one allele from one parent on the M Locus.

Look at this handsome Fawn Merle Frenchie Fitz!

Frenchies come in blue fawn and lilac fawn as well. Read more about these colors here!

Our previous Fawn Frenchies!

Percy Fawn Merle Male Frenchie

Happy French Bulldog Families: Merle

Fawn Frenchie Baby

What other colors do French Bulldogs come in?