Lilac French Bulldogs are such a beautiful color grey with light eyes! For those of you who love the science behind the coloring we will learn all things genetics! For those of you who are here for the pics and videos keep scrolling.

Loci involved: K, A, B, & D

So the lilac coloring comes from a combination of the genes on the D-locus (blue gene) and the B-locus (chocolate gene). These genes are both recessive meaning they have to inherit two copies of the blue and chocolate gene to be lilac (d/d b/b). This gives the light grey color with no brindling if they have also inherited the solid black or tricolor on the A-locus and two copies of the allowing gene, ky, on the K-locus. (ky/ky a/a b/b d/d or ky/ky at/a b/b d/d or ky/ky at/at b/b d/d) At signifies tri color a indicates solid.

Little Gianna here is a solid lilac.

If they receive one or more copies of the Kbr gene on the K-locus they will have brindling in their coat.

Our sire Emilio: Lilac with brindling

Lilac with tan points is also an option and you just need to inherit one copy of the At gene on the A-Loci to express tan points + both copies of the blue & chocolate genes.

We are using Trigger to add the beautiful tan points to our lines.

Last but not least there’s the lilac pie balled. Piebald is a recessive gene. This means in order to be pied they have to carry two copies of the gene on the S-locus. This creates beautiful patterns of splashes of color varying from large quantities of patches or maybe just a tiny dot on their tail or elsewhere. Those who only have a tiny dot appear to be white and are considered to be extreme pieball. Again they have to inherit two copies of blue D-locus and chocolate A-locus genes + carry the black or tan points gene on the A-locus + 2 pie-bald genes on the S locus to be blue pied. Now that’s a lot!

Our sweet Belinda is lilac pied.

Our Previous Lilac French Bulldogs

Gianna Lilac Female

Frenchies also come in a beautiful lilac merle. This is a dominant gene and requires only one copy of the merle gene on the M-locus to be expressed on the frenchies quote. So if the requirements are met for a lilac puppy and they also have one merle allele they will be a lilac merle French Bulldog

Here’s our little Gus! What a cutie!

Oscar is considered more of a lilac Fawn Merle.

Our Previous Lilac French Bulldogs

Gianna Lilac Female

Blaire Female Lilac French Bulldog

Graham Lilac Male French Bulldog

Meet Bubba! Notice his extra white on his leg.

Xavier son of Lord Sugar

Sweet Baby Elisa!

Check out Everett the dapper little man.

Felix Notice his tan points!

Libby Lilac Female Frenchie

Happy Lilac French Bulldog Families!

Happy French Bulldog Families

Yes, even guys are crazy about their lilac babies!

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