Who doesn’t love pied French Bulldogs?!? They are always so cute and so expressive in their coloring. Let’s talk the genetics on how pied Frenchies are made.

The pied gene is on the S locus and in order for the pied expression to occur they must have two copies of the gene. They can be a carrier with only one copy and pass it down to their offspring but they will not express the gene themselves.

They vary in the amount of white they express.

Sophie is an extreme pieballed and looks white.

The French Bulldogs are well loved

Or they can be more covered in their main color. You can read more about the other standard color and rare colored genetics on the the other pages on our website. See links in the header menu or at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a brindle pied female Frenchie!

Cream pied Frenchie

One of Our Fawn Pied French Bulldog Momma’s

Frenchies can come as pied in the standard colors and rare colors.

Lilac Pied French Bulldog Male

Our sweet Romeo! Blue Pied Frenchie Male

This is our spoiled little guy. He’s neutered and the boys rough house with him all day…even though he just wants to snuggle with momma.

Our Previous Frenchies!

Brindle Pied Dahlia

Doesn’t she look pretty with her half black face? We love it!

The French Bulldog one of our momma's

Fawn Pied Frenchie Female

Frenchies and little girls just seem to go together! This little girl fell in love with her pied little frenchie!

Happy French Bulldog Families

A litter of pied Frenchies!

Is this not the cutest litter of pied frenchies you have ever seen?

Leo Lilac Pied Frenchie Male

Belinda Lilac Pied Female

Look at her cute little lilac eyebrow! The pied gene is so fun and expressive.

Queenie Lilac Pied Female

With the lilacs they have light eyes which are often blue.