Lilac and Platinum French Bulldog Litter | Born March 2nd 2023

Lilac and Platinum French Bulldog Litter | Born March 2nd 2023

Welcome this beautiful litter of lilac and platinum French Bulldog puppies, 3 boys and six girls. Dad, Nacho (27lbs) is lilac covered in cream creating that beautiful cream color. When they say covered it means you cannot see the lilac (grey color) . Bubbles, momma, (22lbs) is a beautiful lilac fawn merle with light eyes. Together we created lilac, lilac fawn, lilac fawn merle, lilac merle, and potentially platinums. We can’t wait to match you with your perfect Frenchie pup! 

Accepting Deposits!

We accept deposits on next 1st available pup of color and sex. The more open you are to color & sex of pup the quicker you will be matched. But it’s totally ok to be set on exactly what you want as well. A $300 deposit is required. Please realize it says 1st available. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have first pick because someone else may have made a deposit before you. We do our best to give you the best pick possible. If you don’t feel like the pup offered is the right fit, that is ok and we can offer you the next available pup.

Salem: Lilac and Tan Male $5200

Sanford: Lilac Fawn Male $4400

Seymour: Platinum Male $4500

Sedona: Lilac Fawn Female $4500

Savannah: Lilac Fawn Merle Female $4600

Skye: Platinum Female $4900-$5200 to include breeding rights

Sonoma: Platinum Female $4900-$5200 to include breeding rights

Sydney: Platinum Female $4900-$5200 to include breeding rights

Star: Platinum Female $4900-$5200 to include breeding rights


This is probably my favorite phase of puppyhood. I love all their cute little noises they make. Three weeks going on four weeks old. What’s your favorite thing about puppyhood? 

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Reno and his siblings sure enjoyed their first meal that wasn’t from their momma. They enjoyed a long, well-deserved nap. Momma was appreciative too. 

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Tummy full. Eyes heavy. First meal ever is the best meal. Babies are now snapping the day away after getting their bellies full of mush. 

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I can’t get enough of these sweet, chubby little bellies. Definitely a vibrant, healthy litter of beautiful pups. 

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Seriously, these guys bring so much happiness to our lives. I’m a third generation breeder who ran away from her calling in life and became a pharmacist because I thought it was more prestigious. When you listen you can’t run from your calling and I’m so fortunate I listened. Love my puppers and families I work with. 
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How many Frenchies are in the pic? 

Lazy day watching Halloween movies with the Frenchies. What are you doing with your #Frenchies today? 

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Annie is a goof! Make sure to follow us to see more from her and the rest of the Frenchie clan. 
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Lilac and Platinum French Bulldog Litter | Born March 2nd 2023

Quick Details About Pups!

We Come With

Lilac & Merle French Bulldog Coloring

Lilac and Merle French Bulldogs must have two copies of the chocolate gene and blue genes to make lilac. If they are merle they must have one copy of the merle gene.  Lilac Frenchies have light eyes. They are often blue as pups and turn a pretty yellowish green as they age. If they are merle, the pattern also affects eyes and their complete eye(s) or speckles of it may remain blue as an adult. 

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Our Legacy

The Prep for Your French Bulldog Academy

What exactly is the Prep for Your Frenchie Academy?  At this time it is self-paced pre-recorded videos you will watch in order. It should be noted, when you complete Your Frenchie Prep certification you’ll receive a prize (to be determined by Amanda as she thinks about what it should be:)) This Academy can be purchased by those who adopt pups elsewhere but you get it for FREE! And yes, it’s required to complete before the pick-up of your pup as we want for you to be properly prepared for your pup. What it includes: 

Want to learn more about Frenchie Health and Wellness? Check out our sister company Frenchies Naturally.