Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

Happy Frenchie Friday

Hi all, happy Frenchie Friday! I hope you are all as excited as I am to spend some extra time with your Frenchie(s) this weekend. Here’s why I am a little extra excited.   We have a new little guy who has joined our clan. Via Instagram and Facebook I asked for help in naming him. Several cute, sophisticated names were suggested that I believe would fit him so well. Examples: Bentely, Bruce, Leo, Clark. Feel free to steal any of those. I for some reason can only call him Nacho. For sure not a sophisticated name but I love it, the whole family agrees, and he seems to be getting used to it already too.

So please meet Nacho!  

Frenchie Friday February 11th, 2022

He’s quite the handsome fellow. A little about him. He is platinum (two copies of coco, blue, and cream), carries one copy of testable chocolate, and is four-panel clear. This means he can make babies that are Isabella and the new shade of Isabella which this girl is quite excited about. He has the sweetest little temperament. He’s gentle, doesn’t bark, wiggles with his whole body, and easily blends into our crew. Yesterday (Thursday), I flew to Fresno to pick him up and return home with him. It was a long day with an early flight but he was worth it. Let me tell you no matter how many Frenchies I bring home I still feel excited to bring a new one into the family. I believe love is unlimited and there’s plenty to go around for everyone in our household. The boys were excited to meet him and he perked up a little extra at the sight of them. Aunt Sage came up to ride with us so the Frenchies got some extra loving from her.

Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022
Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

The Frenchies all were excited too! No personal space when you join us. 

Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

Now Romeo may not have been too excited but he is still enjoying his daily morning time drinking coffee and thinking with me. I tell my husband this is where all my brilliance occurs which he just rolls his eyes at. I presume Romeo is thinking, “Well at least if he doesn’t take over morning coffee, I guess he can stay.” My favorite Frenchie mug. You can order your own here. All Frenchie swag items are buy 1 get another item 25% off for Valentine’s . 🙂

Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

Lestina, otherwise known as Lessie Poo, has learned she can climb anything as she can  make it over the 4 foot gate in our garage.  She is officially now my shadow and an example of persistence paying off to get what you want in life. If you are in the persistence phase, keep going like Lessie Poo and you’ll figure out a way to get what you want too. 🙂 Here she is playing Sorry with the family. 

Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

We won!

Frenchie Friday January 21st, 2022

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