Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021

Happy Frenchie Friday

Happy Frenchie Friday! Last week I missed writing the Frenchie Friday email. We had a little girl, Martina, who made a wish for one of our very own French Bulldog puppies, Oakley. I took my four year old son Trenton to Greenville, South Carolina to deliver Oakley for her Make a Wish Reveal.

It was really a special thing to be a part of.  Click the GIF below to watch the whole reveal.
The French Bulldog- Martina Make A Wish Frenchie

We’ve added new toys to Frenchies Naturally…but first we try them out on our own Frenchie pups. They’ve been Frenchie approved. These little piglets love their little piglet. 

Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021

We always love having our previous Frenchie puppies come by for their own mini vacation in the country while their humans are away enjoying their own vacation. Georgie has made himself at home and loves playing with the Frenchie clan. Keep us in mind if you’re planning your own vacation and need a place for your Frenchie to be cared for that’s lots of fun. (Colorado Springs location only)

Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021

In case you are looking to add your own little Frenchie to your family, we have babies available for spring. After these little ones are placed we will have a bit of a Frenchie drought for a few months.  You won’t want to miss out! Call or text me at 719-308-7444 and we are happy to schedule time for you to meet them live via FaceTime. 

Cute Frenchie Friday

Our previous Frenchie babies happily living in their new homes! 

Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021
Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021
Frenchie Friday May 21st, 2021

Make sure to checkout the available pups. We have some cutie pies. I’m happy to set up  a time for you to meet them live via FaceTime or Zoom. Just let me know which pups you’d like to meet. 🙂 719-308-7444

As you can see, we do our best to socialize and train our pups based on their age and abilities. If you’re looking for a Frenchie pup, make sure to check out our available pups. 

The French Bulldog of Colorado pups in their homes. 🙂

Happy Families!

Check out our available Frenchie pups.

Want more guidance on your Frenchies health & wellness? Check out our sister site Frenchies Naturally.