Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

Happy Frenchie Friday

I can’t believe happy Frenchie Friday is already here. We’ve been busy this past week. Maddie has been cooking her babies and will have her c-section tomorrow late morning. For those who like the breeding information behind it. I have a progesterone machine at home. I draw her blood from her arm (about 1ml), spin it down so I can the plasma separates out, draw up the plasma sample, and run it in the machine. She was a 4.4 yesterday and dropped down to a 2.8 today. Typically you want under 2 to have pups. She will most likely be there tomorrow and it will be 63 days from her ovulation which is typically the perfect amount of time for babies to come. Pics to come!

Maddie has had lots of time this week getting her snoozing in so she’s nice and rested. My guesstimate is 4-6 pups in that belly. 

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

We have carpet in our house in a few places like closets and bedrooms.When you have as many Frenchies as we have that is not the best option. We had some extra boxes of planks laying around and I decided to tear up the carpet in our closet and try my hand at laying vinyl plank flooring. I thought it would be easy since it was a small space but guess what it wasn’t as it has lots of weird angles. But I did it! Those of you who need to make the change, it really is a DIY if you so desire. That corner was my challenge but I learned it’s best just to get a piece of paper and stencil it. I got better with practice. Fortunately, the trim will cover it up any jagged ends. 🙂 Maddie and Jewels were my cheerleaders who sat and snoozed as I worked. 

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

Miss Maisey, now Olive, found her furever family this past week.

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

She is the new sister. 

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

And fitting in perfectly!

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

Saya and Miso are looking for their furever families but in the meantime they are having a great time playing with toys, eating, and being a part of our Frenchie clan.

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

I hope my furever family loves to snuggle and give me lots of snacks! ~Saya

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

Tytan had a fever at school so he had to come home early. He and Fiona enjoyed the day having a lazy day watching Minecraft.

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

Trenton thinks the pups are getting too much attention so he’s trying out being a pup himself.

Frenchie Friday September 30th, 2022

As we have new pups coming tomorrow, I’ll likely be quite tired this week but plan on keeping you all in touch on how they are doing. You can follow on instagram as well as I tend to post there during the week to keep you all up to date on all going on in our Frenchieland. Feel free to reach out and ask about any of our available pups. I have found three breeders I will be placing pups for along with what I have as available. I can likely help match you to your perfect little Frenchie pup. 

Frenchie Training: 

I have seen the need for behavioral training for Frenchies over the past few months and I couldn’t ignore it anymore and signed up to get certified as a dog trainer. I believe Covid and so many first time dog owners really made a huge impact on our pups. New things are just scarier than they used to be for our previous generation of pups. Make sure to read the article below on how to train your Frenchie to listen. You’re given homework to help. Don’t worry it’s a small step that won’t take tons of time. 🙂 

I always love pics and being updated on how your little French Fry is doing. Email or text me 719-308-7444

Need Help Breeding Your Frenchie? 

I just helped Camry breed her two beautiful babies. I can’t wait to see pics. I totally failed on getting pics of her with her Frenchies but I will be sure to share pics when she shares them with me. 🙂 
Congrats Lou on your litter of 6 beautiful pups! I was able to help Lou breed his male and female. I have a progesterone machine and can do the artificial insemination. Can’t wait to see the pups! Contact me to find out details on getting your Frenchie bred if you are in the Colorado Springs area.

Frenchie Friday October 7th, 2022

Make sure to checkout the available pups. We have some cutie pies. I’m happy to set up  a time for you to meet them live via FaceTime or Zoom. Just let me know which pups you’d like to meet. 🙂 719-308-7444

As you can see, we do our best to socialize and train our pups based on their age and abilities. If you’re looking for a Frenchie pup, make sure to check out our available pups. 

The French Bulldog of Colorado pups in their homes. 🙂

Happy Families!

Check out our available Frenchie pups.

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