Astro and David Price French Bulldog

One of Our Famous Frenchies

Astro & David Price from our original champion sire Gabriel

David, we are sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet boy. We know you loved him greatly.

Thanks again, you guys are doing a great job. Very professional and thorough. We love her!-Bryan

Turbo is doing amazing! He is doing great and loving being with his brother Diesel! -Lisa (purchased 2 Frenchies from us)

They are doing great together now (in reference to receiving 2nd pup from us). Holden was completely tuckered out the other night. He’s very laid back. Great personality!-Jeff

Ebony is setting in so well. She is such a lover. We are all in love with her. Salem Faye is taking a little bit to adjust but that’s because she’s used to being the center of my world. haha. She will come around. You guys breed the best! Again we are so grateful for the two babies you have given us. –Recent pic of Salem Faye

Little Blanche is doing great! Getting out for a walk on a beautiful day! She’s awesome! We had some rain, which she wasn’t too thrilled with, but her house training is coming along and she is so smart!

They are loving life! Coco is showing the 110lb bull mastiff she is the new queen. I love her to pieces. She is perfect to me in every way.-Stephanie

Welcome Home Khaki!

Other Happy French Bulldog Families

Ready to create your own happy French Bulldog family? We are happy to help you find the perfect match!

How to have your own French Bulldog join your family?

  1. Find the French Bulldog puppy you love on the French Bulldog Puppies for sale page.
  2. Contact us via Text, phone, or email & schedule a time to meet your choice of Frenchie live via FaceTime or Zoom.
  3. Determine the French is the one and make a $300 deposit on their page on the website.
  4. Bookmark the page to see updated French Bulldog pics of your Frenchie.

As we have evolved over the past two decades in raising happy French Bulldogs we have seen the need not only for connecting owners with their Frenchies but also having a membership site to keep Frenchie owners educated and up to date on all things Frenchie. Here’s a few examples: home air quality for you and your Frenchie, water filtration systems, safe essential oils, how to keep your Frenchie cool in the summer, and much, much more!!!