Congrats on Your New Frenchie!

You’re a new Frenchie owner! It’s an exciting time adding a little one to your family. Right now what you have to focus on is prepping for your Frenchie pups arrival. I will be sending you information on how to access the Prep for Your French Bulldog course and Frenchie parent support group.

What I need you to do now:

  1. Text me, Amanda, at 719-308-7444 to let me know you made the deposit so I can confirm and give you next steps!
  2. Join the Facebook group.
  3. Create login details for the French Bulldog Prep Course (details coming soon)
  4. You can read more on our blogs for new owners.

Always feel free to reach out and ask me questions. I am always happy to help as I know it’s a big deal adding your little one to your home.