How to Keep Your French Bulldog Safe! The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

A big question everyone is now asking is how to do I keep my French Bulldog safe? No one wants to have their very own Frenchie baby lost or taken from them. Here is a list of everything we recommend and use ourselves to keep your Frenchies safe and sound from escaping, theft, and other dogs.  

Have a collar with identification on your Frenchie.  

One of the easiest ways to keep your French Bulldog safe is to have identification on the collar or tag. If he escapes someone can easily call you and you’ll be reunited with your baby. You can add a dog collar tag to the collar or purchase a collar with the information engraved on the collar or buckle. The information you can include can be name, phone number(s), and address.  

Register your Frenchies microchip.  

We typically use AKC microhips and will give you the information to register the chip. If your Frenchie escapes or is stolen and someone scans your Frenchies microhip you can be reunited. The microchip is connected with your information. For this to happen it is essential that you register the microchip and keep your contact information up to date.  You can do this when registering your puppy with AKC or complete the AKC reunite form we provide you at pickup. Please do this simple step ASAP. I can’t tell you how many calls we’ve received in panic because their Frenchie escaped and they never registered the microchip number and can’t even find the information to do so.  Always remember to double check the microhcip number we provide you at the vet’s office. Human error is always a possibility.  

Keep your French Bulldog safe with a FitBark GPS system.

We love the FitBark GPS system where you will get Wifi safe zone alerts when your pup enters or leaves one of your designated safe areas. If lost, you can quickly tack your Frenchie anywhere in the U.S. with 1-minute location updates until reunited with your baby.  

Walk with a Taser and Pepper Spray 

I live out in the country walking on dirt roads where dogs are often left to roam. They come running up to my Frenchies which want to protect their momma. Of course Frenchies cannot properly defend themselves as their little snout usually can never sink their teeth in their target. Dogs are even more sensitive to pepper spray than humans. I carry a taser to protect against humans and a pepper spray to protect against other dogs. I used to just carry a taser but I was made aware that dogs are quick targets that are difficult to taser.  In case ever needed (hopefully not), I will use pepper spray to protect the little Frenchies.  

Set up a security system  

Consider setting up a security system for your backyard to warn you if someone/something comes over the fence or through a gate that’s not a dog.  

Add locks to gates 

Most of the time we hear Frenchies escaped because someone in the household didn’t secure the gate. Consider adding a lock and minimizing the amount of usage for the gate.  

Other good practices to keep your French Bulldog safe:

  • Keep tight lipped about your Frenchie and where you live.  
  • Never discuss how much you paid for your Frenchie.  
  • Reconsider that Frenchie Instagram account you were planning on creating.  
  • Do not leave your Frenchie alone outside.  
  • Do not leave your Frenchie alone in the car.  
  • Make sure your doors and windows are locked in your home.  
  • Set your alarm every time you leave.  
  • Double check your fences before placing your Frenchie can escape.