Annie Lilac Fawn Merle French Bulldog

Hi, I’m Annie and lilac fawn merle French Bulldog. Momma says I’m quite the little beauty. She especially loves how my eyes have stayed blue as often blue eyes turn a yellowish green. Momma raised me from a pup. My fur momma is Jewels and my Daddy is Gizzy. I definitely favor them both. 

Here’s pics of me when I was born and as I grew. 

I have a special story as momma calls me a survivor. She doesn’t like to talk about it but I am the only pup that survived from my litter. We all got really sick and she says it will never happen again on her watch if she can help it. She loves me a lot and slept on the bathroom floor with me for weeks until I was regained my strength. I love her and she loves me. 

How I got my name. 

Momma had a really terrible summer last year when I was a pup and lost several people she loved. An uncle to suicide, a best couple friends husband, and her Grandma which was her only mom. She has an amazing friend that opened her home up to her and her other friend who had experienced so much loss. The home was located on the beach in Anna Maria Island. Momma spent the majority of her time there healing and reassessing her life. She and daddy say she returned back as a different person. I am named after Anna Maria Island as a reminder to her to take the time to return back to that person when things get off balance. 

I love my family. Trenton says I’m his favorite. He may like me too much. 🙂 You can find me chewing on my water buffalo horns, taking longs naps, and playing with my Frenchie friends. Oh, and momma says it’s important to eat healthy and exercise. She always jabbering on and on about how important it is to eat healthy as it effects our epigenetics and will help us live longer. Tytan and Trenton my human brothers hear it all of the time as well. I don’t even know what kibble is. Maybe I had some as a wee pup but momma switched me to a raw diet early on. I eat a variety of meats, steamed veggies, and lots of other healthy stuff. It’s delicious and I’m the first in line waiting for my meals. I LOVE to eat!

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Annie has always been such a goofball and it passes down to her pups. I can’t wait to see her little ones as they develop their personalities.

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Hammock and Frenchie pup time. How are you celebrating? 
This is Tahoe and Rush.

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Just enjoying my day playing with my toys. Little things like this make me happy. 😀

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Mornings are for reading and Frenchie puppy snuggles. 

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One fact is, you never get a day off as everyone wants to eat and poo. Typically pup pickups are on weekends. I love it all! This weekend I Tom extra time for naps and pup cuddles. 
What did you and your frenchie do?

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This is probably my favorite phase of puppyhood. I love all their cute little noises they make. Three weeks going on four weeks old. What’s your favorite thing about puppyhood? 

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