Autumn Black and Tan French Bulldog Female

Autumn| Black and Tan French Bulldog Female | Born 7/13/22

Hi I’m Autumn a Black and Tan French Bulldog female. I am quite the sweetheart and am laid back. I do like to play but also enjoy lots of snuggles on the couch. When I want something I whimper cutely to let you know. I am working on my potty training and use a doggie door to go outside. At night I sleep in a crate with my sister Ava. During the day I enjoy long naps on the couch and play with my toys. I’m used to hanging out with 6 & 7 year old boys so I’m definitely used to a lot noise. I’d love to meet you live via a video call! 

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My Family!

Quick Details About Me!

I Come With

Autumn Black and Tan French Bulldog Female
Abba Black and Tan French Bulldog Female

Look at my pawrents!

Daddy (25lbs) is black merle. Momma (24 lbs) is Blue and Tan. Together they made my beautiful color.

Abba Black and Tan French Bulldog Female

Black and Tan French Bulldog Female Coloring


Black and Tan French Bulldogs must have two copies of the ky (allowing) gene on the K locus to allow for the solid black color and have one to two copies of the tan points gene on the A locus.  Black Frenchies have brown puppy dog eyes. 

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Our Legacy

The Prep for Your French Bulldog Academy

What exactly is the Prep for Your Frenchie Academy?  At this time it is self-paced pre-recorded videos you will watch in order. It should be noted, when you complete Your Frenchie Prep certification you’ll receive a prize (to be determined by Amanda as she thinks about what it should be:)) This Academy can be purchased by those who adopt pups elsewhere but you get it for FREE! And yes, it’s required to complete before the pick-up of your pup as we want for you to be properly prepared for your pup. What it includes: 

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My sisters and I playing together on a fun summer day!

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The Prep for Your Frenchie Academy