Hi, I’m Ike a lilac fawn merle male French Bulldog!  This means I am lilac fawn color with darker spots throughout. My blue eyes really pop when you see me in person and you’ll want to spend your days gazing into them. Just look at my cute little face. Everyone swoons over how sweet I am. I spend my days playing with my siblings and other Frenchies. I may love all toys but my favorite right now is my elephant. I am working on my potty training as I go in and outside to frequently. I really love playing outside as well. My daddy is Harvey and momma is beautiful Maddie. I cannot wait to join my furever family.

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Born: June 26, 2021

Merle French Bulldog Price: $4500

Deposit: $300

Available**: Now

Pickup*: Colorado Springs or Missouri

Flight Nanny (limited availability)*: $600

*Many families drive from areas such as Memphis, Arkansas, Illinois, and Louisiana to pick up their puppies in Rogersville, MO. We can also meet you at the Colorado Springs or Springfield, MO airport. There is limited availability for a flight nanny to some major airports. Confirm availability before placing deposit on puppy.

**The availability date and pick-up date may differ. Availability date is when your puppy is 10 weeks old. Pick-up date is when you actually pick-up your puppy. This date may be the same or vary. Please read this article as it thoroughly explains the difference.

Upcoming Platinum Lilac, Lilac and Merle French Bulldog Litter: June 27, 2021

Puppies come with:

  • First shot/dewormings
  • Microchip
  • 2 year health guarantee on genetics
  • The Prep for Your French Bulldog course
  • 20% off products at Frenchies Naturally.

Weekly Pupdate: These pics were taken 9/25/21.

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 9/12 – 9/18. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 9/19 – 9/25.

The Sweetest Frenchie You Ever Did See

Weekly French Bulldog Education

We get this questions often, “Do French Bulldogs get along with other pets?” Read more to see why my answer is “Yes!”

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about French Bulldogs.” Haha… so true! This sleek phone case shows your love for Frenchies and protects your phone from scratches, dust, oil, and dirt- and, makes a perfect gift for the French Bulldog lover in your life.

These are the pics for 9/5 – 9/11. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 9/12 – 9/18

Weekly Pupdate

Talk about handsome! This cutie has everything you could ask for: looks, personality and attitude! He loves to show off! He’s very spoiled and is treated like the little prince he is.

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Frenchies are short haired and single coated and I would say that you won’t find as much hair around the home as those other breeds. 

This French Bulldog Lavender Chamomile Coat Spray is a must! Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling Frenchie to cuddle up to!?!

Did you know a Frenchie’s skin is 3 times thinner than a humans? Toxins can enter the skin much easier for our four pawed trusting Frenchie friend. Choosing safe ingredients is as easy as flipping to the back of the bottle. You will feel great using all natural coat spray  on your Frenchie. Your Frenchie deserves the best natural products to smell great!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 8/29 – 9/4. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 9/5 – 9/11

A Day In The Life Of Ike

This handsome lilac fawn merle French Bulldog was feeling playful today! He’s super excited to meet his furever family soon!

Weekly French Bulldog Education

We realize you need to figure out the logistics and some of you don’t have time to make a long trip happen.  Let’s go over all of the options you have for receiving your little one. 

This Eat, Sleep, Walk Frenchie Short-Sleeve T-Shirt is the perfect way to show off your love of Frenchies! It’s made of 100% ring-spun cotton and is soft, comfy and sure to be a favorite!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 8/22 – 8/28. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 8/29 – 9/4.

We’re 9 Weeks!

I am ready to join my furever family soon. This week I went to the vet and he said I’m a super healthy pup! Just imagine the memories we will make together!

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Glad you asked.  Find the simple answer in this blog, and what we’ve learned in the 20+ years we’ve had Frenchies!

You and your Frenchie will fall in love with this mini French Bulldog memory foam bed. You will love the modern, luxurious design, and watching your Frenchie nap in comfort. Your Frenchie will just love, love, love snuggling on it!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 8/15 – 8/21. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 8/22 – 8/28.

We are 8 Weeks Old!

Hi families! This Lilac Merle French Bulldog can’t wait to join you! Make sure you’re ready for us by completing the Prep for Your French Bulldog course and ordering our puppy food on Amazon (affiliate link). https://amzn.to/379HSuf You will receive a text to arrange my pickup the Monday before my actual pick up date.

Remember at pickup you can make the final payment for me via cash, cashiers check (notice cashiers not personal check made out to The French Bulldog), or credit card (3% transaction fee added).

Don’t forget to purchase my vitamins & finish The Prep for Your French Bulldog course (See directions under 3 week old pics)!

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Did you know that last Friday was Frenchie Friday?

This Frenchie Hipster coffee mug is the perfect way to show your love for Frenchies whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher.

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 8/8 – 8/14. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 8/15 – 8/21.

We’re 7 Weeks Old!

Hi families! We are 7 weeks old and quite playful, and continuing to eat and eat a combination of soaked kibble and canned dogfood. The reason our food is soaked is to keep us from spilling it. We will go to the vet this week or next for our puppy wellness check.

Weekly French Bulldog Education

I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve been told about French Bulldog puppy scams. I realize not all of you will choose us as a breeder but I’m going to give you a few tips to avoid being scammed yourself.

Your Frenchie will be entertained with tug-of-war with this French Bulldog knot rope. Water Buffalo Femur and Horn help promote positive chewing behavior while Jutey Cotton Rope fibers floss dog’s teeth as they chew and play!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 8/1 – 8/7. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 8/8 – 8/14.

We’re 6 Weeks Old

We’re 6 weeks old now! We’re learning to play more with our toys and each other. When we have our weekly video taken, we might not all be in the same playful mood each week. Sometimes we’re tired or just in the mood to rest. This week our mommy will wean us as we are big and strong enough to eat our own kibble. If you are placing an order on Frenchies Naturally, this is the best week to do so in case any of my stuff needs to be ordered. Remember, as a member of The French Bulldog Family you get 20% off your first order and everything will be ready for you at pickup. www.frenchiesnaturally.com

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Trenton and I traveled to Greenville South Carolina to deliver Oakley to help make her wish come true. You can see her beautiful personality coming through in the pics and videos. 

These Lamb Green Tripe Treats are made using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at nourishing your Frenchie’s health. The combination of nutrition and taste of fresh, raw food that’s put through a gentle freeze drying process which protects all the natural enzymes and nutrients, so none of the wholesome goodness is cooked out. Perfect for Training or as a Treat! 

Raw, Natural, and Delicious!

We’re not having our weekly photo shoot this week due to a family emergency. We know you look forward to seeing your cutie, so check back next week to see how much they have grown! Frenchie babies grow up so fast 🙂 The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 8/1 – 8/7.

We’re 5 Weeks Old!

Hi! We’re getting rolly polly and our ears will be popping up soon. Don’t worry if they aren’t. Ears typically come up between 5-12 weeks old. You might even see them up one week and down the next. That’s normal. Even as we are older, during teething stages you might see our ears flop and then return back to normal. We continue our love for food!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 7/18-7/24. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 7/25 – 7/31.

Four Weeks Old

You might see a big difference in us. We’ve grown quite a bit since birth. We are clumsy in our movements. Some of our ears might be popping up. We are starting to eat our puppy porridge made of canned dogfood, goats milk, and kibble. Yumm! We love to eat and are messy eaters. You might even see a little leftovers on us from to time.

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Do French Bulldogs slobber, snore, and make funny noises?

We recommend this French Bulldog metal crate as a great starter crate. You can use the removable divider to create a smaller space to help with potty training and remove it as he gets bigger. There’s a dual latch keeping your little guy contained to decrease the likelihood of escape. The slider tray makes it easy to clean up any accidents. Plus it’s lightweight, foldable, and has a handle you can take it anywhere.

Consider placing this crate inside a playpen where you can contain him in the crate while away but give extra space to play when you are home and unable to watch him.

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 7/11-7/17. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 7/18 – 7/24.

Three Weeks Old

We are three weeks old and are moving around more. Still, we love eating and sleeping so we can grow big and strong. If you made a deposit, this will be the week to choose which one of us to bring home. We can’t wait to FaceTime with you! If you don’t have an iphone, ipad, or macbook in your home please make arrangements with a friend or family member who has one so you can meet us. Sign up for the Prep for Your French Bulldog course now. As a member of The French Bulldog family this course is free! Make sure to complete it before pick up. There’s lots to do to get ready for me! Use Username: Ike2021


  1. Click the button to sign up for the link.
  2. Click the login to enroll button.
  3. Click Register an account.
  4. Sign up with your best email and make the Username: Ike2021

French Bulldog Dry Skin Shampoo & Conditioner in One-Honeysuckle


Weekly French Bulldog Education

You might be surprised about how many options there are!

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 7/4-7/10. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 7/11 – 7/17.

Two Weeks Old

 I am two weeks old and my eyes are either open, starting to open, or will be open by next week. Don’t worry if they aren’t open yet. All puppies develop at their own pace just like human babies.

Weekly French Bulldog Education

Tips for flying with your Frenchie!

This Frenchie Mom denim hat is the perfect way to flaunt your love for Frenchies! 

Weekly Pupdate: These are the pics for 6/27-7/3. The next set of pics will be posted by Saturday night of the following week 7/4 – 7/10.

One Week

We are one week old now and continue the pattern of eating, sleeping, and growing. You can see we have grown since last week!

Weekly French Bulldog Education

You and your Frenchie will fall in love with this French Bulldog memory foam runner. I highly recommend these because of the durability and ease to clean. I’ve washed mine too many times to count and it still looks great!


We are excited to announce the arrival of our lilac and merle French Bulldog litter born June 26, 2021. Harvey is a handsome platinum lilac. Momma is our beautiful Maddie. Babies are lilac, merle, and lilac fawn.

Hello world! We were just born today. Our focus is to eat as much as we can so we can grow big and strong and eventually join our furever family. We spend my entire time eating and napping.

The Girls!-1 merle, 2 lilac fawn females. We are keeping the lilac with tan points (not shown). 🙂

The Boys!-2 merles

Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Weekly Frenchie Education

As a potential Frenchie owner you may be wondering, “Will my Frenchie come with a health guarantee? The answer is yes!

Just imagine how cute your little one will look in this organic cotton collar! For most Frenchie puppies coming to join you at 8-10 weeks old a size small will be best.  

Lilac and Merle French Bulldogs

These are rare colors of French Bulldog puppies.

Travel For Your French Bulldog Puppy

Not close by? We can transport to Colorado and Missouri. We have a flight nanny who can bring your French Bulldog puppy to the nearest major airport to you.


All of our French Bulldog puppies take a multivitamin and probiotics for good GI health which we will give you the information to order once you have placed the deposit on your Frenchie. You are expected to give the multivitamin for the longevity of the health guarantee.

Dogfood for Your French Bulldog Puppy

We use the highest quality dogfood for our French Bulldog puppies which has been shown in studies to be the healthiest for them. You can order your Frenchies puppy food via the button below.

Get 50% Off Your First Box of Ollie!

Health Guarantee

Our health guarantee for our French Bulldog puppies covers genetics for two years. You will schedule your puppy check-up within 48 hours of receiving your Frenchie. When you know the date of pick-up, schedule your appointment ASAP as some veterinarians schedules fill up quickly.

Microchip for Your Lilac Merle French Bulldog Puppy

All of our French Bulldog puppies come microchipped. You can register the microchip in your name online, when you register your Frenchie with AKC, or ask your vet to do so at the puppy check up.

AKC Registration

You can register your French Bulldog puppy online or via mail when your Frenchie is a standard color like a cream French Bulldog puppies. You can read more here.


Love merle? See more lilac French Bulldog puppies here!