Nadine | Blue French Bulldog Female | Available Now

Nadine | Blue French Bulldog Female| Available Now

Introducing Nadine

Hi I’m Nadine a blue French Bulldog female. Look at my sweet little face. I am a snuggly little girl who also loves to eat. I’m using a doggie door to go outside to go potty. I imagine loving to snuggle the days away with my new family.  I’m surrounded by boys and am accustomed to lots of noises they make which is good for my brain. I’m looking for my furever family. Let’s a schedule a time to meet live via zoom or FaceTime.

Schedule a time to meet me live via FaceTime or zoom

Watch Me Play!

Quick Details About Me!

*Many families drive from areas such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Texas, and Nebraska to pick up their puppies in Colorado Springs. We can also meet you at the Colorado Springs airport but please confirm schedule before booking flight. 

For New Mexico families, I travel to Alamosa often and we can arrange to meet here to decrease your drive time. 

We do have opportunities to meet you part way or in your city such as in Santa Fe, Denver, Grand Junction, etc… for an additional fee. 

We can arrange for your pup to be accompanied by a flight nanny as well to major airports. Please note pups must be 12 weeks old for this option and flight must be paid ahead of time. 

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I Come With

Nadine Blue French Bulldog Female | Available Now
Frenchies Naturally blog

Look at my pawrents!

My daddy, Benjy (26lbs) is blue. Momma, Penny, (24 lbs) is Blue fawn. Together they made my beautiful blue color. 

Blue French Bulldog Female Color

Blue French Bulldogs are a rare color that look dark grey with brown eyes. Some may have white markings down their nose, neck, or toes. Blue French Bulldogs must have two copies of the blue gene and a copy of the fawn gene. 

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Our Legacy

The Prep for Your French Bulldog Academy

What exactly is the Prep for Your Frenchie Academy?  At this time it is self-paced pre-recorded videos you will watch in order. It should be noted, when you complete Your Frenchie Prep certification you’ll receive a prize (to be determined by Amanda as she thinks about what it should be:)) This Academy can be purchased by those who adopt pups elsewhere but you get it for FREE! And yes, it’s required to complete before the pick-up of your pup as we want for you to be properly prepared for your pup. What it includes: 

Want to learn more about Frenchie Health and Wellness? Check out our sister company Frenchies Naturally.

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*Please note deposits are non-refundable. The stripe insurance fee is basically a guarantee that you will not be scammed and you will receive your pup. Stripe is an online processing portal for payments that many companies use.