Will my French Bulldog puppy be microchipped?

Will my French Bulldog puppy be microchiped? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Many of our Frenchie families as, “Will my French Bulldog puppy be microchipped?” Every single one of our puppies will be microchipped before coming to live with you. You will notice your puppy is named on our website and is accompanied by a 4 digit number. This number is the last four digits of the microchip. A microchip is the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin in the region of the lower neck and upper back. If your Frenchie is lost, someone could scan that area and return your baby back to you.

There is work on your end to ensure the microchip is properly registered to you. First, we recommend that you always have the vet scan the microchip and double check the numbers to ensure accuracy as there is always room for human error. Second, you will need to register the microchip. You can do so by registering the microchip when you register your puppy with AKC. The microchip number will be on the AKC papers. If you are not registering your Frenchie with AKC, there will also be a microchip registration form in the packet for you to complete and register the microchip/puppy to you. You can also ask your vet to register the microchip for you as well.

We believe it is important to have every possible basis covered for you to have your Frenchie returned to you if lost or stolen. It is highly encouraged that you take the extra step to make sure your Frenchie’s microchip is properly registered to you. Yes, your French Bulldog puppy will be microchipped but don’t wait until it’s too late to register your baby.