Can I leave my French Bulldog Outside?

Can I leave my French Bulldog puppy outside? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Many people ask if I can leave my French Bulldog outside? Frenchies are companion animals that do best being with their humans. They are house dogs but they do enjoy playing in the great outdoors whether it’s splashing in a kiddie pool, playing in the snow, or just hanging out while you grill your Frenchies will enjoy it.

In the summer time, you will need to be careful in making sure your Frenchie does not overheat. I am comfortable leaving my back door open while I work throughout the day so they can come in and out as they please. Remember I live in Colorado. You must consider your location and make sure your Frenchie is cool enough so he will not overheat. With their short noses they have a much harder time keeping themselves cool. Each Frenchie is unique and you must discover what temperatures they do well in. Keep water available at all times for them. You may even consider a cooling pad. It’s pretty amazing. It’s activated to cool your dog down when they lay on it and recharges itself automatically and all without water or electricity. Or consider a cooling vest.

Frenchies love playing outside in the snow as well. Can you leave that out in the cold? No. They enjoy to romp around and play a bit but will also look at you look like they are freezing their ears off if left out too long. If you plan on playing outside with your family, throw a coat on them and enjoy. Just remember do not leave them out in the cold.

Always remember do not leave your French Bulldog outside unattended.