At what age can we bring our French Bulldog puppy home? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

One of the first questions everyone asks is, “At what age can we bring our French Bulldog puppy home? This is a great question so you can properly prepare for you little bundle of joy. We place our puppies in their homes at 10 weeks old due to the fact that we find Frenchies need a couple of extra weeks to mature and fully thrive in your home. By 8 weeks old most of the babies are eating well but sometimes we have picky eaters that need a little extra time to gain weight and be ready to join you. Frenchies grow at different rates just like human babies do. Usually by 10 weeks our puppies are ready to go but please be understanding if we decide to keep your little one a little longer. We are doing it out of the best interest of your Frenchie.

What to do before you bring your French Bulldog home?

There’s lots to do while you wait for your Frenchie to be 10 weeks old. All of the todo items are in The French Bulldog Course we give you access to after you pick your baby at 3 weeks old. You can also see the puppy pickup guide you will receive at pickup here.

When you receive your Frenchie at 10 weeks old they will have their first DA2PP shot at 8 weeks old and been dewormed twice. We do preventative treatment for giardia and coccidia. All dogs carry coccidia and giardia is everywhere. When under stressful conditions both of these can flare up. Stressful situations may include joining a new home, changing diet, etc… You will be required to finish the final shots according to your vets recommendations. We also recommend you take a stool sample and if needed give the puppy the recommended regimen.

We will make arrangements with you to pickup your French Bulldog puppy in Colorado Springs. For our Colorado Springs location, we have two AirBNB’s in our walkout basement. If you are traveling to get there, you are welcome to stay.  If you are planning on using our flight nanny (typically $600-800), please let us know at least two weeks in advance as we need to make arrangements for you.

Don’t forget to order your puppies products as well!