Do French Bulldogs require a lot of daily care? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Many people ask before committing, “Do French Bulldogs require a lot of daily care? The quick answer is they don’t require much. 


Many breeds require quite a bit of grooming and frequent grooming visits. Some Frenchies have thicker coats and will require more brushing to prevent shedding. We recommend bathing no more than once a month (unless obvious necessity) and trimming nails monthly as well. You may also need to clean between their wrinkles on their nose and their tail pocket. Some owners choose to take their Frenchies to the groomer for their monthly spa day. 


Keeping your Frenchies teeth clean is an important part of their overall health. Get a doggie toothpaste and toothbrush that goes over your finger. Start training them as soon as you get them home to get them used to this daily habit. Have your Frenchies teeth cleaned around 3 years old and then go with your veterinarians recommendations. 


Frenchies do not require a lot of walking. A quick jaunt around the block or playing in the yard is often enough for them. Most of them can go on a walk. I walk mine 2 miles many days of the week. My last Frenchie  couldn’t make it around the block. Each one is different so watch them carefully for overheating. I do not recommend walking them over 72 degrees but always watch your Frenchie and make sure they are safe on their walks. Some owners buy their Frenchie a stroller so they can join them on longer walks. 


Puppies need to be fed more often than adults. We recommend starting at 4 times per day, then three times, and then two times per day. 

Overall French Bulldogs do not require a lot of daily care dedicated entirely for them but you will find yourself spending all your free time with them just because you can.