Do French Bulldogs slobber and snore? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

When determining the best breed to add to your family you may ask, “Do French Bulldogs slobber, snore, and make funny noises? These are legitimate questions as you will be spending much time with them and dedicating over a decade of your life committed to your Frenchie baby. 

Do French Bulldogs Slobber? 

Overall French Bulldogs do not slobber a lot like other breed such as English Bulldogs or Mastiffs. They can have moisture around their mouth, but you won’t be covered in drool. After eating, I do notice some moisture on their cute little chops but a quick wiping off with a washcloth is all that’s needed to accept their Frenchie snuggles. 

Do French Bulldogs snore and make funny noises? 

French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed thus have cute, short little snouts. With these short snouts they do not breathe as efficiently through their noses as longer nosed breeds. You will find they will breathe more through their mouths than these other breeds and can produce some unusual noises like noisy breathing and snorting even when at rest. We find these noises as endearing and cute and are not bothersome at all. 

Most Frenchies do snore. Some snore a little and some snore more than others. I actually find the snoring of Frenchies quite comforting. In fact, I’ve always said I sleep better with the sound of little dogs that sound like little piglets snoring in the background. Put a human snorer in the room and I can’t sleep a wink. Overall, I’d say they snore but it’s not annoying. 

When should I notify the vet? 

Excessive noises coming from your Frenchie may be due to overexertion and will need to rest up a bit. I find if I take my Frenchie on a walk when it’s too hot (over 72 degrees) that they make excessive noises panting to cool themselves off. Watch your Frenchie carefully in the heat and keep him cool. Almost all Frenchies reverse sneeze at some point in their life. If it becomes excessive, contact your vet that has experience dealing with brachycephalic breeds as he may have too narrow of nostrils or weak flaps that close upon breathing (stenotic nares), and/or excessively elongated soft palate. Both are related to brachycephalic airway syndrome and may require a simple surgery to correct.