5 Reasons French Bulldogs are good with kids The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

French Bulldogs are good with kids! Yes, yes, yes!!! In fact, I believe they are the perfect dog for kids and here’s five reasons why.

  1. They are sturdy. Some small dogs you worry about your children wrestling with. Frenchies not problem. They love to play and have sturdy structures to withstand a two year old trying to ride him like a horsey!!! Obviously I do not recommend you  let your toddler do that but the Frenchie will survive that moment. 
  2. They are fun loving. French bulldogs are know as the clown dog. Most are fun loving and ready to play anytime! 
  3. They can’t really cause much damage when they snap. Frenchie Bulldogs have flat faces. If for some reason they are overwhelmed by the kiddos and get snappy they really can’t do much damage. Their teeth don’t sink into to flesh. Some with the meatier mouths might cause a scrape but that’s usually about it. The kiddos might be a bit alarmed but hey they probably should be because they were probably pulling his ears. 
  4. They are cuddlers. Frenchies are the best cuddlers and perfect for a Saturday morning cartoon snuggling session. 
  5. They are patient. I can’t tell you how many time my Frenchies ears have been pulled, rounded up as horses, and laid on. Still they follow the kiddos around and love on them. 

Yes, French Bulldogs are good with kids! Think you’re ready to take the leap and add a Frenchie to your family? Check out our available pups!