French Bulldog Puppy Pick-up Checklist The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Below I have provided the I formation for your Frenchie Bulldog Puppy pick-up checklist. You can also access the pdf here. Some spaces are left empty as they are specific for your baby.


Shot Record: 

DA2PP when your puppy turned 8 weeks old


Panacur at 6 & 8 weeks old. This was given 5 days in a row.


You will need to complete your Frenchie babies series of shots. Typically they will give one to two more DA2PP vaccinations at 12-16 weeks along with rabies at 14-16 weeks (depending on state regulations).

Vets usually give booster shots every year after that. Rabies are given every 1 to 3 years depending on your state requirements. There is also evidence booster shots only need to be given every 3 years. If you wish to follow this schedule, discuss with your veterinarian.

Below are the various guidelines.

Puppy Arrival Checklist

  • Begin potty training immediately. 
    • Buy dogfood if you haven’t already done so. Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy 
    • Choose a name. 
    • Take puppy to vet appointment w/in 2 business days. 
      • Continue shot series until complete
    • Register Puppy Microchip
  • Optional: Register AKC puppy papers in your name. If you did not receive AKC papers at pick-up we will mail them to you within 60 days. 
    • Optional: Purchase Puppy Insurance

Puppy Feeding Schedule

Your Frenchie has been provided unlimited amounts of food as he/she is growing. We suggest feeding your baby 4 times per day to start and giving unlimited amounts. You may want to have the last feeding around 6-7pm so your puppy has its last bowel movement before bedtime. As your puppy grows you can adjust this schedule. 


Add 1/4 of a scoop to your puppies food every day if under 10lbs.

10-20lbs place 1/2 scoop to puppies food every day.

20+lbs place 1 scoop to food daily.

Potty Training

Many sources say it’s at 12 weeks when a puppy does best at potty training. Begin implementing your method of potty training as soon your Frenchie baby arrives just be patient at first. We recommend crate training. Typically a puppy does not want to dirty his own space. Use dividers to make the space the appropriate size. If you are not watching the puppy, put the puppy in the crate. Give your puppy more space when you can trust him. Reward with positivity and petting when your puppy potties in the correct area. After he eats or drinks, after a nap, or first thing in the morning take him out to potty. 


We cannot overemphasize the importance of watching your Frenchie puppy at all times. If you are not watching him, place him in his crate or a puppy playpen. Puppies are like curious little toddlers. They put things in their mouth to explore and learn. Unfortunately some of these things can be poisonous such as certain essential oil, certain plants, cleaners, and small items can be choking hazards. When they are little, I use a doggie sling purse which keeps them with me so I can continue to do my chores.