How does purchasing a French Bulldog work? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

We get this question often, “How do payments work for purchasing a French Bulldog?” There are a few options to bring your bundle of joy home with you.

  1. Make the $300 deposit. Pay remainder at pick-up.
  2. Make the $300 deposit. Set up payments until pick-up. Pay final at pick-up.
  3. Pay the $300 deposit. Apply for financing through Terrace Pets.

Minimum Requirements for financing through Community Finance LLC.

  1. One-year employment verification
  2. Minimum 555 Fico credit score
  3. Checking Account active for a minimum 3 months
  4. Minimum Net Income $1300 /month

We can set up the payments anyway you want. The only thing we need is the final payment on pick-up day.