How old should my French Bulldog be before being taken to the park? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

How old should my French Bulldog be before being taken to the park is a great question. We say around 16 weeks old after your little one has had his/her full series of shots. We give a combination shot called DA2PP at 8 weeks old. Typically you pick up your puppy around 10 weeks old. Your puppy needs two more shots in the series to have it’s full immune response. Each puppy has a different immune response to the first and second shot. Some will a little response, some a big response, and the rest will be in between. This means they are not fully protected until after the third shot in their series which should be complete at 16 weeks old. 

You may also choose to give your Frenchie bordatella (protection against kennel cough) and that will likely be complete at 16 weeks as well. 

We recommend to not take your puppy anywhere you do not know the history of the dogs before they have their full series of shots. For example, keep them away from dog parks, pet stores, the floor at the veterinarians office, and puppy pee areas. You may even want to wait a couple of weeks after their final shot in the series to allow time for the immune system to develop a full immune response. 

Also, beware of other dogs if you decide to take your Frenchie to the dog park. Many owners have much larger dogs and not all dogs are well behaved or well controlled by their owners. Keep your eye out to keep your Frenchie safe.