If I live out of state, how will I receive my Frenchie? the French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Many people ask, “If I live out of state, how will I receive my Frenchie?” We realize you need to figure out the logistics and some of you don’t have time to make a long trip happen.  Let’s go over all of the options you have for receiving your little one. 

Pick-up in Colorado Springs

This option is free of charge and we can arrange pick up at either location. Puppies are always with one of us so no strangers in transporting. You are given the address a few days before your arrival. 

Meet you at the Colorado Springs airport. 

This option is free of charge as well. Confirm your flight plans with us to make sure we can meet you there at the time of arrival. Please note the location of the airport. The Denver airport require transportation fees which must be prearranged before booking. 

Use of a flight nanny. 

A flight nanny can bring your Frenchie to the nearest major airport within the 48 states. Fees for this are typically $800. Your baby will ride in luxury under the seat in the cabin area of the plane. Typically I, Amanda, will bring your baby to you. Arrangements must be made ahead of time and paid ($300) before booking the flight. We allow puppies to be flown at 12 weeks old or later. We can also fly to Alaska and Canada at higher rates.

Drive Part Way

Our Frenchie Care Specialist has some availability to meet you part way. She will travel up to 3 hours one way. The fee for this is $350. 

Specials on transportation

Sometimes we run specials on transportation if we know we are going to be going there anyway. Don’t count on this but feel free to ask.