Nine Reasons to Adopt a French Bulldog

Are you considering to adopt a French Bulldog? Here’s a little history and some of their best attributes. French Bulldogs first appeared in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century as a result of crossing toy bulldogs from England with Parisian ratters. They had been imported by Americans in the 1800’s but it wasn’t until 1885 that a breeding program was officially set up and eventually the French Bulldog Club of America was created. In the early 20th century they became popular among high society costing up to $3000 and being among families like the Rockefellers and J.P. Morgans. In 2021 French Bulldogs became the 2nd most popular breed. Celebrities who own Frenchies include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, and many more.

#1 Personality loving and affectionate.

A Frenchies goal in life is literally to love you every second of it. They love to be a big part of your life and will soak up all of the love you give them. Expect lots of Frenchie kisses and lap warmer for their lifetime.

#2 Sturdiness

They might be a smaller size but they are sturdy. They’ve managed to survive and thrive my two young boys.

#3 Great with kids and overall make amazing family members.

Not only are they sturdy for young kiddos but they also are very patient. I can’t tell you how many times one have pulled on the pups ears and they just roll their eyes and move on with life. They love to play and just be with kids. Frenchies teach kids responsibility and help prevent loneliness and depression. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the pets of my childhood as they were what saved me and kept me sane. They are truly the best friends that don’t go away.

#4 Low grooming maintenance

Overall Frenchies have low grooming requirement. Nail trims, monthly to quarterly baths, and some brushing will suffice.

#5 They don’t need a lot of exercise.

Frenchies don’t require long walks or lots of running up and down hills on a regular basis. A short jaunt around the block or the backyard is all they typically need.

#6 Adaptable Companion

Frenchies can do well in almost any atmosphere. They make great country dogs and can also enjoy living in an apartment in the city.

#7 Fun and playful

Have you ever been around someone that just makes you feel good being in their presence? That’s a Frenchie. They are fun and playful and will make each of your days brighter.

#8 Size.

Their size makes it great for taking them places. They can easily hop in the car and be your errand runner and travel buddy. If yours is around 20lbs, they can fly in cabin with you as you travel across the country.

#9 Expressive faces.

There is nothing better than the expressive faces of these little guys. They let you know exactly how they feel about the situation with their little squish face.

If you found this article helpful and want to a adopt a French Bulldog, you’ll want to download The Ultimate Guide to Adopting Your Frenchie.


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