The Pros and Cons of large and small French Bulldogs The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

The pros and cons of small and large French Bulldogs. Have you noticed that French Bulldogs come in a variety of sizes? Some are short and stocky and others are longer legged and more athletic. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that will say one or the other is the better Frenchie version. I say, it depends on what you want and need in your own Frenchie pet.

Benefits of the larger French Bulldog. (26-35lb)

  • Tend to be more athletic and able to go on walks and hikes
  • Great for rambunctious kiddos since they are larger and sturdier. 

Cons of the larger French Bulldog. 

  • At adult size, most likely won’t fit under the seat on airplanes. 
  • More likely to be able to jump on furniture and your bed. 
  • More difficult to carry around when adult size. 

Benefits of the smaller French Bulldog. (16-26lb)

  • Great size for traveling…especially under your seat on airplanes. 
  • Less likely to jump on furniture and your bed. 
  • Easier to carry around when adult size.

Cons of the smaller French Bulldog. 

  • Tend to not be able to make it very far on walks. You might be carrying her home. 
  • May not be as sturdy to deal with rambunctious toddlers. Imagine them playing horsey on a 18lb Frenchie vs. 35lb one. 

The above are generalizations. For example, if your Frenchie has difficulty breathing because of their short muzzle they can become overheated and short of breath. It wouldn’t matter size at this point. We wanted to give you a few considerations before purchasing your Frenchie. Obviously, if you get one that is medium sized you may have the best of both worlds!!!

If you’ve found this article helpful, you might want the checklist of questions to ask the breeder to find the perfect size Frenchie for you. 

We have a variety of sizes and will love to help you find the perfect size Frenchie for you. Please keep in mind it’s our best guestimate.