How to avoid French Bulldog puppy scams The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve been told about French Bulldog puppy scams. There was a complete litter that we placed that each person told me their story of being scammed. As many of you are aware, scamming is abundant in the Frenchie world. Most of you only purchase a puppy a few times in your life and they prey on people who are unsuspecting and who fall in love with a puppy. I realize not all of you will choose us as a breeder but I’m going to give you a few tips to avoid being scammed yourself and to treat real breeders with courtesy and respect. 

Never ever give a deposit for a puppy that cannot be reversed.

Scammers will only have you pay in ways that can’t be reversed such as cashiers checks, money orders, bank transfers, money wires, Venmo, Cash App, etc… I’m going to say this again. NEVER EVER give someone money that can’t be reversed. A professional breeder will have taken the time to set up a secure way for you to pay. We use Stripe which is an online secure portal for credit card transactions. We do not receive your credit card information but use Stripe to process your payment. Also, our deposits are only $300 and the remainder is paid at pickup. 

If the price seems too good to be true it probably is. 

I hear it over and over again that the price for a Frenchie was $800 and the person ended up being scammed. I continue to speak with people about Frenchies who said they were interested in another puppy for $800. I do my due diligence and let people know it is likely a scam. Unfortunately, I never know if most listen to me or not. 

Choose a breeder that’s bred for several years. 

Unprofessionalism abounds in the breeding world. Many people will just try it once, a few times, or even continue breeding without developing themselves professionally.  I hear often that they saw the puppy, gave a deposit, and then were ghosted before the puppy was able to be picked up. My prediction is something happened to the puppy as there is a high mortality rate in Frenchie puppies compared to other breeds. The breeder likely decided to duck and hide instead of talking with the client. We have 20 years experience in breeding Frenchies and 20+ more years with other breeds and are used to handling the hard stuff. We also have a few litters each month as well so if something does happen we are usually able to provide you with another puppy. Remember puppies are not bicycles. They are biological systems that are not always predictable. 

Avoid French Bulldog Puppy Scams: Ask to meet the puppy live via FaceTime or Zoom. 

Many breeders will not do in person meetings for you to meet the puppy as it’s a crazy world out there and you never know what you are exposing your pups to when bringing in strangers. Scammers do steal pics and videos to make websites  seem legitimate. You will even see our puppies pics on their websites. They have been stolen and there’s not much we can do it about it. We recommend that you ask to meet the puppy live virtually via FaceTime or Zoom so you will at least know that the puppy exists. 

Bringing in a Frenchie baby is an exciting time in your life. We just recommend you recognize the warning signs of scammers such as non-reversible payments, too good of a price, not being able to meet the puppy virtually, and even lack of professionalism in communication of breeders.