What airlines allow French Bulldogs to fly in the cabin? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

We are often asked, “What airlines allow French Bulldogs to fly in the cabin?” There’s confusion as to whether they can fly or not. Snub nosed dogs like Frenchies cannot fly in the cargo area of the plane but they can fly in the cabin of the plane underneath your seat. There are some things to consider but this is not an exclusive list. You must call the airline to confirm you are following all rules they have as each airline is different. 

  • Most airlines have a minimum age of 8-10 weeks old. (United is different and we do not recomment them if you’re picking up a puppy). 
  • You must have a kennel of some sort that fits under the seat. We recommend soft ones as they can more easily fit. 
  • Puppies must be up to date on shots. Some airlines ask for documentation some do not. 
  • Most airlines typically require a rabies shot if over 16 weeks old. 
  • Most have the requirement that they are 20lbs are less. Some airlines weigh them and some do not. 
  • Your Frenchie must have room to stand up and turn around in the kennel. 

Tips for flying with your Frenchie: 

  • Book a seat in the aisle so your Frenchie has more air flow to stay cool. 
  • Typically they do not need to be fed during a typical US flight but bring dog food and collapsible bowls in case your flight is delayed. If my travel is 8 hours or less, I do not feed them as I do not want to deal with pooping. If your Frenchie puppy is on the smaller, you may consider feeding but typically it’s not necessary. 
  • Place puppy pads at the bottom of the kennel in case your pup has an accident. This way you can easily clean it up. 
  • Don’t act nervous about flying with your pup. Your Frenchie pics up on your energy and will act accordingly. I literally have flown with 50 or more different Frenchies. None of them have given me any trouble but I hear about it from others. 
  • Visit the airlines pet policy page to understand the guidelines. 
  • Call the airlines to confirm any questions you need clarification. 

My favorite airlines to fly with are Frontier and American Airlines. On Frontier I can book my pet when I book my flight and there’s no need to check in when I arrive. American Airlines I can take two puppies in one kennel as long as they weigh under 20lbs (check-in required and they weigh them). My least favorite airline for flying puppies is United. Do not use them if your puppy is under 16 weeks old. You likely will not get them on the plane.

Airlines that allow pets to fly in the cabin (Google airline + travel with pet in cabin):

  • American Airlines
  • Frontier
  • Southwest
  • Delta
  • United
  • Alaskan Airlines