What can I do to help my French Bulldogs ears stand up? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

I have heard this question often, “What can I do to help my French Bulldogs ears stand up?” First, let’s have a little review. Most of the time we see Frenchies ears stand up between 5-10 weeks old. If you notice in the weekly pictures that your babies ears are not upright but the siblings are, there is no need to fret. Every Frenchie matures at a different rate just like a human baby. Chances are you will see them pop up before they come live with you. You may also notice they were up and the next week they flopped down. That is also normal.

What should I do to help my French Bulldogs ears stand up?

Sometimes their ears need a little help standing upright. There’s some very simple things for you to do.

  1. Make sure you are giving them their daily scoop of multivitamin you received at pick-up. You can also order here. Calcium is in this mixture and may help with getting those ears upright.
  2. When you are snuggling with your puppy massage its ear and hold them upright. Or tie each ear with a ribbon hair tie. Do not tie them too tight or use hair ties that will cut off circulation.
  3. Attach bandaids at the base of each ear pointing them up at a 1 and 11 o’clock position. It may take one-two bandaids per ear depending on the size of the ears and bandaids. Do not leave your puppy with another dog as the ears may now look like chew toys. You can leave the bandaids on for a 1-5 days. Repeat as necessary.