5 Tips-Teach Your Frenchie Biting on Fingers is not OK.

When your little ones arrives you will almost 100% guaranteed need to teach your Frenchie biting on fingers is not an acceptable practice. Puppies are like toddlers. They learn by putting things in their mouth including your fingers. It might seem kind of cute at 4lbs but remember anything that won’t be cute full grown needs to be addressed as a pup. One of the biggest reasons dogs are placed in rescues is due to nipping or biting. Let’s nip this in the bud at an early age and create your own good Frenchie citizen. 

#1 Get the whole family on board to train your Frenchie biting on fingers is not ok.

Frenchie pups want to play and your fingers look like a great play toy. Discuss with the whole family how important it is to no engage with teasing/playing with pups via their own fingers. I’ve noticed sometimes kiddos and teenagers think it’s funny. 

#2 Don’t put your fingers in their mouth. 

I see a post almost every day, “How do I train my Frenchie to not bite my fingers.” Rule #1. Don’t let them put your fingers in their mouth. 🙂 

#3 Say no & redirect

Firmly say no and redirect with a toy. 

#4 Use the calming hold technique to train your Frenchie biting on fingers isn’t ok

If they are still persistent after the no and redirect, use the calming hold technique. You pick your pup up in a vertical position, place him firmly against one side of your body, place your arm that’s on the same side firmly over the front of his body, wrap your fingers around the base of the pups inside leg. This keeps your fingers out of the way of their mouth and typically calms him down. If the squirming continues use your other arm to hold across the bottom half.

I’m a 3rd generation breeder and this is what I have done since I can remember…probably around 5 years old. It works. I have taught my sons (5 &7 years old currently) to do so as well. They do it and it works for even the kiddos. You hold them like this for a minute or two and can put him back down. If the behavior continues, keep on repeating this until he stops. 

#5 Place in a crate or playpen for a time out. 

If all else fails place him in his crate or playpen away far away from your fingers. Give him time to play with toys. After 5-10 minutes, bring him back out. He may just need to run out some energy. 

Remember bringing a Frenchie pup into your home is a really exciting and fun experience but you will need to be prepared to teach your Frenchie biting on fingers is not OK. Good luck and happy training. We’d love to hear from you on how these tips worked for you. 

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