Fiji | Black Merle French Bulldog Male | Born August 1st, 2022

Fiji | Black Merle French Bulldog Male| Born 8/1/22

Hi I’m Fiji a black merle French Bulldog male. I am a snuggly boy who loves to be with my humans. Playing and snacking are my enjoyable pastimes.  Daily, I’m surrounded by boys and am used to lots of noises that stimulate my brain.  I’m dreaming of a family who loves to snuggle and play. Bonus if they have lots of snacks. I’m ready for my new home now. 

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My Family!

Quick Details About Me!

I Come With

Fiji | Black Merle French Bulldog Male | Born August 1st, 2022
Frisco | Blue Fawn Merle French Bulldog Male | Born August 1st, 2022

How did my pawrents make a black Merle Frenchie

My daddy Ollie  (22lbs) is blue with tan points. Our momma is a Fawn Merle carrying blue (23lbs). Together they made me a blue Merle Frenchie. 

Black Merle French Bulldog Male Coloring

We have black Merle French Bulldogs in Colorado. To make it simple let’s just focus on the locus that makes black which is represented by “a” the solid black gene. A Frenchie will only be solid black if he inherits two copies of the a gene (a,a). For the merling to be displayed the pup must have one copy fo the merle gene. 

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Our Legacy

The Prep for Your French Bulldog Academy

What exactly is the Prep for Your Frenchie Academy?  At this time it is self-paced pre-recorded videos you will watch in order. It should be noted, when you complete Your Frenchie Prep certification you’ll receive a prize (to be determined by Amanda as she thinks about what it should be:)) This Academy can be purchased by those who adopt pups elsewhere but you get it for FREE! And yes, it’s required to complete before the pick-up of your pup as we want for you to be properly prepared for your pup. What it includes: 

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