Are French Bulldogs sociable? The French Bulldog of Colorado Blog

Many people ask, “Are French Bulldogs sociable?” I would say 100% yes. They love people and aim to please.  When you get a new French Bulldog puppy anything that you want them to be around when they are older make sure to expose them young. If you are more of an extrovert and want your Frenchie used to going to dog parks, outdoor dining, etc… then get them used to going with you early. I recommend waiting until they have their full series of shots (around 16 weeks old) before taking them to areas where they are exposed to other dogs that you don’t know the history of. 

Also, I have noticed that your Frenchie picks up on your feelings during the experience. Such as if you are nervous about flying with them, they will be nervous and act up. Always check yourself when taking your Frenchie to a new location/experience to make sure you are calm for your little one. 

If for some reason your Frenchie starts acting unsatisfactorily in any social situation, nip it in the bud at as young of an age as possible. Take a training class to help you correct it if you do not have the skill set to correct it yourself. I learned from my first dog as an adult to never allow a little puppy to act out in any way that will not be cute when older and bigger.

Overall Frenchies are very social and want to be a part of the family. They love being involved and a part of the action. When exposed early they do well in social situations but often adjust well at older ages as well.