Fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado

Fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado

We have fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado available in upcoming litters.  Fawns are a standard color and typically have a black mask. They come in many shades from a light tan color that looks cream, brown color, and reddish brown. Some may have white markings that make them look like a boxer puppy. The standard color of fawn has brown puppy dog eyes. Their are other variations of fawn such as blue fawn (brown eyes) and lilac fawn (light eyes).  

If you don’t see a fawn pup available now you can submit a deposit for an upcoming pup. A deposit is $300 and goes towards the total purchase of your pup. Fawn French Bulldogs are typically $3700-3900. Choose your preference of male or female and then choose fawn. Then text me (Amanda) at 719-308-7444 to let me know you’ve done so and if you have specific qualities you are looking or timeframe for adding a pup to your home.

Love this color? Check out our available fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado.

The genetics behind the coloring.

For the fawn color to be expressed the pup must carry one to two copies of the fawn gene (ay) on the A locus. The sable gene (aw) is also on this locus. Sable looks a lot like fawn but the fur has black tips on the end. 



Fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado

What about fawn pied French Bulldogs?

Pied means they have a white base and in this case black patches. The pied gene is expressed through the S locus and is a recessive gene. This means it needs to inherit two copies of the pied gene to be expressed. They use a capital S to show that the Frenchie is a carrier of the pied gene and n to show it is not. For example, if your pup is pied it must carry two copies of S (S, S). 

Fawn French Bulldogs in Colorado

Fawn Merle French Bulldogs

Diego Fawn Merle French Bulldog Male | Born Sept 24th, 2022

Now you can have fawn merle Frenchies as well. They are often a fawn base with dark/black Merlin throughout. They can have very merle marking to the opposite extreme of being mostly covered.  Merle is a dominate gene so it only needs one copy the merle gene to be expressed. You don’t breed merles to other merles so you will not have two copies of merle. 

Fawn French Bulldogs are a beautiful standard color and you can see come in a variety of colors. 

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